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Too Tangled to Type

Too Tangled to Type

I have been nagging myself everyday, thinking that I really need to post a new blog.  Thanks to all of you, I’ve been super busy the past two months – sample knitting for NYC designers – filling custom knit orders – making new patterns – and working on my own samples for fall.  The trouble is, my hands are always occupied knitting up a new project.  Clearly I have not figured out how to knit and type at the same time.

Just when I was thinking it was time to invest in some sort of voice-to-text translator, my new friend Doron (writer, traveler and karaoke aficionado) volunteered to be a ‘guest blogger’.  Without hesitation, I handed him my notepad and pen:

“Wednesday 15/6/2011 (as they write in England)

Apparently, my blog is usually about knitting and design, but today I made the mistake of entrusting it to this random Brit who befriended Tim and me in the queue (English for ‘line’) to meet Simon Pegg on Monday.  That’ll learn me.

It’s 11:05 on a mild early summer’s morn and I am in Central Park with Sarah, Helen, Mike (who just strolled up and has a wicked handshake), and Doron (the Brit, who is actually the one writing this, despite using the third person: very confusing), waiting for 1 p.m. to roll around so we can get free tickets to see Shakespeare tonight (not him personally, just one of his plays apparently).

OK, enough of the third person – Jeni wants me to blog about her latest project: Custard Network.  That’s what I heard, anyway.  But it turns out she said ‘custom knit-work.’  Somehow, she finds time to knit in between meeting strangers in bookshops and selling peoples’ flats (English for ‘apartments’).  She just showed us a photo of a dog she knitted, and it looks more real than the real dog next to it.  Our neighbors in the queue here in the park, Tom and Samantha, (or should it be Samantha and Tom? I don’t know them well enough), loved the picture, but none of us were ready for what came next: a full body knitted Halloween suit – Sock Monkey will never be the same again.

[Jeni, can you put the photos in here now?  Not in this notebook I’m writing on, but on the interweb (English for ‘internet’).  I am not very technological, hopefully you are.  But don’t delete this stuff I’m writing now, it’ll be very meta].

Jeni is taking orders for whatever you may want her to make out of knitting: for parties, corporate gifts, private presents, Bar Mitzvahs, invasions, etc.  And when I say whatever, I mean pretty much anything (this girl has serious talent) .

So, check out her knitting site here (paste a cyber-link, or whatever it is you do here Jeni), and get thinking of what knit-work shaped hole exists in your life – which she will fill for you.  I am torn between a life-size knit of diminutive football (read as: soccer) legend Lio Messi, of Argentina and Barcelona fame, or a pair of giant knitted sumo suits to liven up dull winter evenings.”

~ Guest Blogger: Doron Klemer

There you have it folks! My first guest blogger (click here if you’re interested in blogging for me in the future… say next month?).  In the meantime, I’ll be here clacking away with my needles, and researching how to build a Custard Network.

side note: I apologize to all of you American fans for the English slant to this blog.  And the run-on sentences.  (Tim has assured me, it’s a British thing and coincidentally this has been confirmed by Simon Pegg in his new book Nerd Do Well).