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Life in the Muppet Factory

Life in the Muppet Factory

It’s that time of year again – the leaves are changing, the birds are migrating south, and my entire living room has been converted into a rather cramped workshop. Once again I find myself in a mad rush to complete costumes for the NYC Greenwich Village Halloween Parade..… only this year it’s really mad as I’m simultaneously working on 14 costumes at once!

Hands Blue DyeBut it’s not just the sheer volume – it’s also juggling tasks. I need to time things right so that I don’t turn up to an important business meeting with blue hands like this.

I wouldn’t want to look back and think ‘wow, I really blew it’… <ahem>

This year, in an attempt to alleviate my anxiety I decided to create a spreadsheet of outstanding tasks with 10 days left to go. Phew, only 100 items on the list left to complete! Consider my anxiety alleviated. Or not.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with my progress. I’m even more happy with the choice of costumes this year. Normally we keep this secret until the last minute, but considering all the recent press that Big Bird and the Million Muppet March have been getting, I thought I’d go ahead and publish this early (woo! only 99 more items to go). That’s right kids, we’re doing Muppets!

The idea has been in the works for a while now. I started making these miniature models to work out exactly how the Muppet costume heads will be constructed… just on a slightly larger scale (that’s the LG logo from the TV in the background, so they’re petite!).

Muppets (Models) iPhone PanoramaOnce they were complete, I was officially able to open the Muppet factory.

Employee total: 1

Luckily my friends have been able to come round to help out at various stages!

All the Muppet costumes are coming along nicely – check back for pictures that we’ll be posting as they’re completed, and watch out for us in the NYC Halloween Parade!

By the way – even though we’ve been doing the costume work for years – we’ve made it official and launched the costume design website. Find more on our work at