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MonkeyCon 2014

MonkeyCon 2014

It has been a busy month!

I’ve been churning out new patterns and coming up with new designs faster that I can knit. And that’s pretty fast. I also had the chance to try out a drop spindle and a knitting machine – but more on that later… What’s really been occupying my time this month is SOCK MONKEYS!!!!

MonkeyCon 2014 Youtube Video

(Click to check out the MonkeyCon 2014 Trailer!)

I am planning the first ever MonkeyCon right here in Portland. That’s right, it’s happening. And it is going to be AWESOME! At this very moment, there are sock monkey body parts all over my house, just waiting to be assembled into another awesome sock monkey suit.

Tim is so happy. He says it’s like having Halloween twice a year. (I’m picking up on your sarcasm…) No doubt, he’ll change his tune once Feb 14th rolls around and the serious monkey business begins.

We’ll start in downtown PDX around 4:00pm. The plan is to play a few classic games by the river (Simon says, anyone?), then meander around to a few of the city’s finest establishments for refreshments. At some point we’ll combat our hunger with food cart offerings, quench our thirst a bit more, and then kick it karaoke style at the Alibi.

If you’re in town, come and join us for an afternoon of frolicking and an evening of fun! Get creative – dress as a monkey. Sock monkeys preferred, but all are welcome! (Well almost. I do have one rule. No slutty monkeys. Sorry, it’s just not that kind of party).

Sock Monkey Leaning on the TreeTell your friends and invite your mom. It’s going to be epic.

Personally I can’t wait to get out there and shake my monkey maker.


2-14-2014 MonkeyCon (PDX) – Come be a part of the fun!