Costume Design and Creation


I taught myself to knit in 2005
I became a knitting addict in 2009
In 2010, I designed and knitted a sock monkey costume.
For my next challenge… I am taking custom orders here on the Shady Sheep! 



I live and knit in Portland, Oregon (PDX) with Tim and our dog Spruce! You may have spotted me knitting on the subway, in a bar, on a plane or possibly on a glacier. I knit whenever and wherever possible.

Since my school years, I’ve been custom designing handmade items. (that’s a very long time – I am talking elementary school, people!) I very rarely use patterns. More commonly I write them. I always look at a situation and the tools at hand and think “how can I make this”.

In the past, I have been pouring my creative energy into one of a kind costumes for the NYC Village Halloween Parade and, well…. anything that can be knitted! Most recently we moved to Portland, and introduced Portland to the delights of life-sized knitted Sock Monkeys wandering the streets for the first ever Monkeycon!!