Gloves / Keep your mitts warm with technology friendly convertible gloves and arm warmers!

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Men’s Convertible Gloves – Knitting Pattern: $4.99

Mens Convertible Gloves Knitting PatternThese gloves were designed for a man. A man that does men’s work. My brother-in-law said they are the best gloves he’s ever owned. That’s saying a lot since he lives in Montana AND owns horses.

Durable and functional. Keeps him warm in the bitter cold!

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Download Men's Convertible Gloves Knitting Pattern



Fingerless Mittens – Knitting Pattern: $4.99

Fingerless Mittens Knitting PatternSuper cute and functional! These mittens totally hit the spot. Whether you are driving around town, or trying to send a message on your phone, the thumb and finger flaps allow you to keep the rest of your hand toasty warm!

This unique design actually holds flaps into place when covering your digits.

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Download Fingerless Mittens Knitting Pattern



Cabled Hand Warmers and Circular Scarf: $2.99

Cable Knitted GlovesCozy cabled hand warmers with circular scarf. This pattern is a quick knit – great for the holidays! Line by line instructions, with links to video too.

One size fits most – Adult and Teens. Can be adjusted for smaller hands by using smaller needles calculate gauge for desired width.

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Download Hand Warmers & Circular Scarf Knitting Pattern



Convertible Fingerless Gloves – Knitting Pattern: $4.99

Knitted Fingerless Gloves for iPhone - Knitting PatternThe perfect accessory for your new touch screen phone! These gloves were made for blustery winter days and tweeting. They include an awesome thumb flap so you can even text without freezing your little fingers off.

Instructions are easy to follow and adjustable for any size.

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Download Convertible Fingerless Gloves Pattern



Chunky Arm Warmers – Knitting Pattern: $FREE!!

Chunky Knitted Arm WarmersChunky Unisex Arm Warmers – super soft and warm! The perfect addition to short sleeves in winter… This pattern is very simple and easily adjusted for size. Great idea for a last minute gift!

Adult (length = 10 inches; width = 8 inches circumference)

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Download Chunky Arm Warmers Pattern